PPC Campaign Strategy

PPC Campaign Strategy

Pay-per-click best practices may help you stay on top of the latest trends and enhance your results. Even more so today, the advertising industry is coping with greater upheaval than ever before.

Re-evaluating your paid advertising plan now that your company’s objectives and tactics have developed over the previous 18 months is an excellent chance to make sure your approach is in line with current PPC best practices.

In a nutshell, our blueprint for an efficient pay-per-click (PPC) strategy is picking the appropriate platforms, targeting features, and ad kinds to communicate their message, and striking a balance of expenditure across all of these.

Let’s Discuss: 

Define Your Goals

The most critical component of a successful PPC advertising plan is defining what you truly want to accomplish. Within AdWords and outside of it, there are a plethora of PPC targeting choices. The platforms and ad kinds that are most suited to your marketing objectives may be selected with the support of well-defined goals and targets.

Take a look at these frequent PPC objectives:

  • Increase site traffic
  • Generate leads
  • Drive sales
  • Raise brand awareness

If your primary objective is to raise knowledge about your company, then using social media and display advertisements is an excellent choice. Most of your PPC budget should be spent on search or PLA if you want to increase sales. Using Facebook’s lead capture advertising may be an option if generating leads is a top goal.

Budget Review & Optimization

It is all too common for marketers to get complacent and fail to examine the way they allocate their paid advertising spending.

When planning your spending, keep these ideas in mind:

  • On a regular basis, check to see whether you’ve over your budget for each account or campaign. A monthly, quarterly, or semiannual payment plan will work as long as you can meet your budget.
  • In order to free up funds for other initiatives, should low-performing campaigns that have been optimized all year be discontinued now?
  • To what extent may the successful campaigns benefit from more traffic? Competitive metrics data, such as impression and click share in search, might be helpful.
  • Does it make sense to move money to another paid media channel if existing paid media channels have poor performance?
  • Is it possible for your business to increase the amount of money spent on sponsored search and paid social in order to get better campaign outcomes?

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